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The Day of Wedding Emergency Kit- What Should It Contain

We obsess over making sure everything is perfect on the day of the wedding. It usually isn’t, but the perfection is in the fact that each wedding has some of its own unique flavor.

Our event and wedding store in St. Louis provides many of the later details of the planning process. Our wedding customers typically get to examine and make sure they are happy with their invitations and personalized accessories before the big day. And then there is a big sigh of a relief when all the professionals show up on time, the ceremony and reception site looks great. You are not, however, out of the water. Little unforeseen occurrences can have larger consequences. Sometimes things like a sewing kit can save the day when a garment unexpectedly tears or an aspirin can take away a headache. So we highly recommend putting together an emergency kit. Here is an article from The Knot that gives you a good start.