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8 Cruise Line Weddings You Should Consider

If you are thinking about taking your wedding to a cruise this year, this article is for you! I am going to discuss the different cruise lines that are available to host your special day. If you’re looking to tie the knot on a cruise line you will discover that you can find packages that give your everything from the champagne toast to the bridal bouquet! Remember, advanced planning is most likely required but it will totally be worth it in the end. Also you should note that wedding package pricing does not always include license/registration fees or cruise fares.

Cruise Weddings
Here is a list of cruise lines for a memorable cruise wedding:

1) Carnival: This cruise line recently revamped and upgraded its options to include more beach-side wedding venues in the Caribbean and more choices of wedding cake! It does more than 2,500 weddings each year with the ceremonies held shipboard. Some of the weddings are even held on on-board wedding chapels!

2) Princess Cruises: Also known as the “Love Boat” line, this was the first cruise line with the option of romantic shipboard wedding chapels. It has been doing weddings since 1998 and the ceremonies are even officiated by the ship captain if you want. If your friends can’t attend don’t worry, they can view your wedding via webcam! If you want, shore-side wedding options are also available.

3) Celebrity: On all celebrity ships the captains can perform the wedding ceremonies if you prefer, except for the Celebrity Xpedition. One of the special options on this line is the possibility to exchange wedding vows under a special canopy on deck. One of the nice shore-side options includes a cliff-top wedding in Greece!

4) Holland America Line: Again many of the ships have wedding chapels for onboard weddings, portside ceremonies in the Caribbean, U.S. or Canada. You could tie the knot at the amazing chapel on HAL’s private Bahamas Island, Half Moon Cay or say “I do” in Alaska and take a helicopter with an officiant to the top of a glacier! Either way if you decide to use Holland America Line you’re going to be in for an adventure.

5) Crystal: This luxury line provides such niceties as an 18-rose bouquet with a hand-tied Swarovski crystal wrap for the bride! The line, who is now working with the event company Imagine VIP, just updated and revamped its wedding options. Customers can also have onshore options in places such as the hills of Tuscany.

6) Royal Caribbean: Royal Caribbean has finally begun offering weddings at sea! They boast that you can tie the knot in areas like Alaska, Hawaii and Greece to name a few. The cruise line also has many private beach locations specifically just for you.

7) Disney: You could have a romantic Disney style wedding if you want! You can have it shipboard on a cruise from Florida or at Disney’s gorgeous private island, Castaway Cay, which is located in the Bahamas. You’re sure to have a fairy tale if you take this option, and you can also have the captain or other officers presiding.

8) Norwegian: This cruise line has newly updated its wedding program to include three different plans including legal weddings held shipboard at Norwegians ports and symbolic weddings at sea performed by the captain. Norwegians ports include the Caribbean, Miami, Mexico, Bermuda, Europe and Canada!

Those are our 8 cruise line wedding options we recommend to you, if you need any help planning the romantic cruise wedding of your dreams you can also contact a travel agent at Tripology.com. Don’t forget that it’s the person you’re with that makes the experience of your wedding worthwhile, and these amazing cruise line wedding options are just the bonus!