Décor Ideas For Your Summer Events

Want to bring that summer-charm into your events effortlessly? Here are some ideas to keep it simple, and design for the season.

Consider Pastels. Beginning from the invitations, to the floral arrangements, pastels can create that fanciful, intimate scene we all love to associate with summer. Pick out floral arrangements and centerpieces that focus on fragrant branches of lilacs and rose motifs. Or light colored daisies. Bring in the floral look by adding floral design elements to your napkins, and elegance to offset the more rugged summer qualities with silver service-wares and tiered serving pieces. Add some real romantic grandeur with a chandelier hanging from a tree branches surrounding the where the ceremony, reception, or simple party, shall be. This lends the affair a sophisticated. If you want something more cute, fun triangle flags on a string always set the tempo, and bringing in something bug-like (like lady-bugs),  can do the trick!


Another secret is in the accessories.  Summer events ask for simple accessories that are attuned to the season. With vintage big now, consider looking into designed accessories that have that vintage charm and remember, vintage is also about simplicity and something that reminds of the nostalgic past. Mini birdcages filled with faux flowers (to last the decades), designed with elegant tags (calligraphy!) to give away as favors is an option I really love.



Have some fun! A little down-to-earth makes it cosy. The wonderful thing about summertime events is that they can easily be taken outside. So make the most of this when it comes to the décor of your event. Replace traditional seating at tables with hay-squares. Illuminate with lanterns. Consider centerpieces, invitations, and overall decor, that brings in traditional elements of summer, like sunflowers and blueberries.




By Theodora Kimmel

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