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Should You Reconsider the RVSP Card for Your Wedding?

With the advent of social media and emails, it has become easier and more common for people to use these methods for their wedding invitations. The same goes for the RSVP, even if someone received a paper invitation that included a mail-able RSVP card. But just like a cyber-based invite loses the charm, thoughtfulness, and delight of opening a real invitation, so does missing the opportunity to open the RSVPs. It just isn’t the same.

Take it from these frustrated Brides on WeddingWire. After spending so much time designing their invitations and intentionally including RSVPs (some with postage included) as a practical and special way to plan for the number of guests at their wedding (not to mention the seating arrangement) not getting those RSVPs back feels like full-frontal rudeness. The truth is, it kind of is, and the even harder truth is, it may not be that easy to get your guests to utilize the RSVP cards unless you essentially ONLY acknowledge the paper-based RSVPs. Policing people for the sake of your special day really seems counterintuitive and wholly unpleasant.

So, what should you do? It is a very real possibility with RSVP cards that you may not get them back, and they may end up seeming like a waste of time and energy. But hold on.  Think about what it would be like to NOT include RSVPs with your invitations. You could always have people email you and simply acquise to the ease of this form of communication. You could get more creative and create a special website or facebook page where people can leave their RSVPs. In both of these cases, however, you are left with hoping that everyone (including your great Aunt) has access to the Internet. Moreover, the Internet, no matter how social it appears to get, is a cold, cold place. People may not use the RSVP cards, but that absence does not speak nearly as loudly there being no real RSVP card to begin with.

Perhaps it is time for a mentality change, and to give people options, while also to honor the significance and true substance of your wedding. Keep the RSVP cards as part of your wedding invitation; for your own enjoyment; for the simple act of etiquette; for the hope that someone shall be moved to use it, and then add a twist. Make responding via the RSVP the fun option. Figure out an incentive to get them to use the RSVP card as opposed to anything else. Examples might be: coupons from the limo company you’re using (your transportation service might love the extra business and source of referrals), or the opportunity to participate in a private raffle (so as not to be rude to your guests who did not use the RSVP cards) for a free room upgrade (or one night on you) if your guests will be staying at a hotel.  The possibilities are endless! Keep the RSVP card as part of your wedding invitation concept and make them fun for your guests to use.


Are your invitations Timeless ?


Like your wedding dress and the ultimate style of your wedding, you do not want its memory affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion. Choosing an invitation can be a challenge, but with the knowledge and experience of a stationer,  your task will be made much easier. We all have those images in our heads of photos from family events and notice how a trend back then may not be a trend today. Can you conjure up images of prom dress choices, hair styles, and your college wardrobe? Always being on trend can sometimes really affect those photo collections and bring some healthy and hearty laughter years later. The same can be said for invitation choices. Classic elegance, like that of Jaqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn or Coco Chanel is confident and intriguing. Of course you should have your invitation style match the overall feel of your wedding. Using a beachy invite for a very traditional affair just sets the wrong tone and confuses your guests. Wedding papers are keepsakes as well as being the first introduction your guests will have of your wedding. That is why it is so important to consider how they will stand that test of time.

We are so excited to have this new collection to share! Choosing classic elegance, with style that is simplistic and tasteful, will always looks as elegant and stand the passage of time. There is always a way to insert a hint of whimsy or a bit of your personality, but ultimately, choosing a design with foresight will leave lasting impressions of taste.