Top 10 Father-Daughter Wedding Songs

The perfect father-daughter wedding song is essential for the perfect wedding. It should be song that is easy to dance to and also sentimental and cute. Here we did the work for you and found the top 10 father-daughter wedding songs of all time! Don’t worry we assure you they are songs that won’t disappoint. Enjoy and check out our list!

10) John Major “Daughters” -This is an excellent choice for a father-daughter wedding song. John major sings this song with all the heart and soul in the world. It also has a nice beat to dance too.

9) “I Loved Her First” by Heartland-This is a great Father-Daughter wedding song that will melt you heart when you hear it and is performed by the famous country/pop group heartland.

8) “Father And Daughter” by Paul Simon- This song performed by Paul Simon is both sweet and soulful and will definitely by enjoyed by both a father and his daughter.

7) “Always Be Your Baby” by Natalie Grant-Natalie Grants Always Be Your Baby is definitely a tear-jerking song but also a favorite among many father and daughters out there. It has such a  beautiful and touching melody that it is guaranteed to make your special moment just perfect.

6) “The Way You Look Tonight” By Frank Sinatra- This is a great classic song , by one of the best in the business and is also very fun to dance to. It is also great for a little bit of swing dancing if you think that would be fun.

5) “Daddy’s Little Girl” By Micheal Buble- The is a great song with a beautiful melody and tender message. An excellent choice that you won’t regret as a father-daughter wedding song.

4) “Through the Years” By Kenny Rodgers- This is a timeless song of love and affection and has a nice country twang to it. It is also very memorable and sweet which is very appealing to many fathers and daughters.

3) “Daddy’s Hands” By Holly Dunn-This song is an amazing song for any father-daughter dance. It will tug at the heartstrings of an father and his daughter, and will create a moment that you will never forget.

2) “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” By Elton John-Elton John delivers once of his best performances of all time with  Can You Feel The Love Tonight and has a very deep and meaningful lyrics. That is way we named this song #2 on our list!

1) “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle-This is a crowd favorite for sure and one of the best sentimental songs of all time. The song has a nice tempo which makes dancing fun and easy, and tells a great story of love and butterfly kisses. Because of this we named this song our #1 father-daughter song of all time!

8 Cruise Line Weddings You Should Consider

If you are thinking about taking your wedding to a cruise this year, this article is for you! I am going to discuss the different cruise lines that are available to host your special day. If you’re looking to tie the knot on a cruise line you will discover that you can find packages that give your everything from the champagne toast to the bridal bouquet! Remember, advanced planning is most likely required but it will totally be worth it in the end. Also you should note that wedding package pricing does not always include license/registration fees or cruise fares.

Cruise Weddings
Here is a list of cruise lines for a memorable cruise wedding:

1) Carnival: This cruise line recently revamped and upgraded its options to include more beach-side wedding venues in the Caribbean and more choices of wedding cake! It does more than 2,500 weddings each year with the ceremonies held shipboard. Some of the weddings are even held on on-board wedding chapels!

2) Princess Cruises: Also known as the “Love Boat” line, this was the first cruise line with the option of romantic shipboard wedding chapels. It has been doing weddings since 1998 and the ceremonies are even officiated by the ship captain if you want. If your friends can’t attend don’t worry, they can view your wedding via webcam! If you want, shore-side wedding options are also available.

3) Celebrity: On all celebrity ships the captains can perform the wedding ceremonies if you prefer, except for the Celebrity Xpedition. One of the special options on this line is the possibility to exchange wedding vows under a special canopy on deck. One of the nice shore-side options includes a cliff-top wedding in Greece!

4) Holland America Line: Again many of the ships have wedding chapels for onboard weddings, portside ceremonies in the Caribbean, U.S. or Canada. You could tie the knot at the amazing chapel on HAL’s private Bahamas Island, Half Moon Cay or say “I do” in Alaska and take a helicopter with an officiant to the top of a glacier! Either way if you decide to use Holland America Line you’re going to be in for an adventure.

5) Crystal: This luxury line provides such niceties as an 18-rose bouquet with a hand-tied Swarovski crystal wrap for the bride! The line, who is now working with the event company Imagine VIP, just updated and revamped its wedding options. Customers can also have onshore options in places such as the hills of Tuscany.

6) Royal Caribbean: Royal Caribbean has finally begun offering weddings at sea! They boast that you can tie the knot in areas like Alaska, Hawaii and Greece to name a few. The cruise line also has many private beach locations specifically just for you.

7) Disney: You could have a romantic Disney style wedding if you want! You can have it shipboard on a cruise from Florida or at Disney’s gorgeous private island, Castaway Cay, which is located in the Bahamas. You’re sure to have a fairy tale if you take this option, and you can also have the captain or other officers presiding.

8) Norwegian: This cruise line has newly updated its wedding program to include three different plans including legal weddings held shipboard at Norwegians ports and symbolic weddings at sea performed by the captain. Norwegians ports include the Caribbean, Miami, Mexico, Bermuda, Europe and Canada!

Those are our 8 cruise line wedding options we recommend to you, if you need any help planning the romantic cruise wedding of your dreams you can also contact a travel agent at Don’t forget that it’s the person you’re with that makes the experience of your wedding worthwhile, and these amazing cruise line wedding options are just the bonus!


Wedding Superstitions you might want to Ignore

There are many wedding superstitions out there, but trying to keep up with everyone single one of them will only add to unwanted stress on your special day. So we thought we would educate you on some of them and their origins and then let you be the judge of whether or not you decide to worry about them. Because after all it is your wedding and we want you to have the best possible time you can have. Here’s the list, if you want you can even put your own personal twist on them.

Wedding Superstitions you might want to Ignore

1.You shouldn’t see each other before your wedding.

The Origins: This is probably the most common and well known superstition. It came about because back in the old days brides and grooms were not allowed to see each other until the very last second. This had to do a lot with the fact that back in the day a large number of marriages were arranged marriages. Nonetheless this was instated so the groom did not run once he took a look at his to be wife.

Our Advice: Currently this tradition is very popular because it builds to the excitement and anticipation of seeing each other for the first time before you get married. So if you think the extra excitement would be good for you, then go for it! Contrasting to this there are also a lot of the couples who love to hang out before their wedding and find that works for them perfectly. In the end always go with what you feel would complement your personalities the most and make you feel the most comfortable.

2. Carry the bride over the threshold.

The Origins: It was believed by the ancient romans that carrying the bride over the threshold would protect her from evil spirits!

Our Advice: Do it for fun! After you come home from your honeymoon, it might be a nice nod to tradition, and fun way to start your marriage. You could always give it a nice twist and walk in together holding hands, or something similar if you feel like the tradition is outdated.

3. Getting married in May, the 13th, or on a Saturday is a bad idea.

The Origins: Back in the day several different civilizations actually supported the superstition here. In English folklore it is said that Saturday is the unluckiest day of the week. In contrast to this Wednesday is said to be the luckiest. The Romans believed that marrying I May was extremely unlucky. There is actually a nursery rhyme that says, “Marry in the month of May, and you’ll surely rue the day.” And obviously, there’s the well-known unlucky number 13.

Our Advice: This is definitely one superstition that needs to disappear. You already have enough to worry about when it comes to a wedding, you don’t need to start worrying about what day and time of the year you should have your wedding just because of a thousand year old superstition. Figure out what day works best for you based on family, friends, and your personal preference. That way you’re sure to have the wedding of your dreams.

4. Stay away from yellow roses.

The Origins: A popular book, The Language of Flowers, popularized this belief back in the Victorian era. The book which equated flowers with different meanings and words said that yellow flowers apparently represent jealously. Because of this having yellow roses at weddings has been something couples have been straying away from ever since; because jealously obviously isn’t something good for a marriage.

Our Advice: Who cares! If you like a flower and a specific color enough it shouldn’t matter what an outdated book and the Victorians said about it.

5. If you drop the ring you’re dead.

The Origins: Back in the day it was a common belief that if somebody dropped the ring it meant that person was going to die!

Our Advice: Obviously that is a little extreme, and probably wouldn’t really happen! But it does bring to light a good point. Make sure you trust your ring bearer and they hold on to it with their dear life. Dropping a ring might not kill you but you never know what could happen.


Save the Date!

Save the Date Notices are becoming increasingly popular for St. Louis weddings. The standard notice with the stated date, time, location, and custom design ascribed is being over populated and outdone by the new, creative, personalized photo save the date options. These heartwarming cards add a special touch and hint at the theme for the special day. The bride and groom can choose from many design schemes such as custom, classic, western, modern etc. Checkerboard is one of our great suppliers for save the date cards:

[Image of Product]

[Image of Product][Image of Product][Image of Product]

[Image of Product]


Favors of Flavor

Wedding favors are a classic wedding trend that has been ever so popular in recent years. The idea of a wedding favor is for the bride and groom to express their gratitude and appreciation to wedding guests, for participating in the celebration of the most treasured day of their life. A wedding favor compliments the bride and groom and conveys their appreciation and love for the wedding attendees. Options are unlimited! From customizable embellished wedding wish bags, tote bags, decorative noisemakers, favor boxes, candy bags and more. Be adventurous! Be artistic! Be imaginative! Have fun and find a favor that flatters both the bride and groom’s personality. Some of our St. Louis brides favor our brand Carlson Craft, because they offer unique wedding favors such as:

Mini Embellished Cupcake and Candy Boxes

Circled Hearts Favor Boxes

Ivory Gown Favor Boxes

Filigree Favor Boxes - Fuchsia

Favor Fans

Retro Floral Favor Fans

Rustic Heart Favor Fans

Candy and Treat Bags

Love Burlap Favor Bag

Hitched Burlap Favor Bags

Cotton Favor Bags - Celebration

Floral Treat Top with Cello Bag

Customized Photo Boxes of the Bride and Groom

Photo Favor Box

Heartfelt Favor Cards

Heartfelt Favor Cards

Favor Tags

Rustic Charm Luggage Favor Tag - Large

Retro Floral Medium Square Tag

Treat Boxes
Mini Scallop Boxes - Hot Pink


Woodgrain - Coasters

Can Cozies

Bride/Groom Can Coolers

Maid of Honor/Best Man Can Coolers



The Day of Wedding Emergency Kit- What Should It Contain

We obsess over making sure everything is perfect on the day of the wedding. It usually isn’t, but the perfection is in the fact that each wedding has some of its own unique flavor.

Our event and wedding store in St. Louis provides many of the later details of the planning process. Our wedding customers typically get to examine and make sure they are happy with their invitations and personalized accessories before the big day. And then there is a big sigh of a relief when all the professionals show up on time, the ceremony and reception site looks great. You are not, however, out of the water. Little unforeseen occurrences can have larger consequences. Sometimes things like a sewing kit can save the day when a garment unexpectedly tears or an aspirin can take away a headache. So we highly recommend putting together an emergency kit. Here is an article from The Knot that gives you a good start.


What To Do With The Leftovers

Sometimes you just don’t want to be bothered. Whether you are leaving for your honeymoon the next day or your refrigerator doesn’t have the bandwidth. Doggy bags at a St. Louis wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah? Thumbs down most would say.

Here is a great alternative. You can post you will have leftover food and this organization will get the word out, have it picked up and now your reception also fed the hungry.


Décor Ideas For Your Summer Events

Want to bring that summer-charm into your events effortlessly? Here are some ideas to keep it simple, and design for the season.

Consider Pastels. Beginning from the invitations, to the floral arrangements, pastels can create that fanciful, intimate scene we all love to associate with summer. Pick out floral arrangements and centerpieces that focus on fragrant branches of lilacs and rose motifs. Or light colored daisies. Bring in the floral look by adding floral design elements to your napkins, and elegance to offset the more rugged summer qualities with silver service-wares and tiered serving pieces. Add some real romantic grandeur with a chandelier hanging from a tree branches surrounding the where the ceremony, reception, or simple party, shall be. This lends the affair a sophisticated. If you want something more cute, fun triangle flags on a string always set the tempo, and bringing in something bug-like (like lady-bugs),  can do the trick!


Another secret is in the accessories.  Summer events ask for simple accessories that are attuned to the season. With vintage big now, consider looking into designed accessories that have that vintage charm and remember, vintage is also about simplicity and something that reminds of the nostalgic past. Mini birdcages filled with faux flowers (to last the decades), designed with elegant tags (calligraphy!) to give away as favors is an option I really love.



Have some fun! A little down-to-earth makes it cosy. The wonderful thing about summertime events is that they can easily be taken outside. So make the most of this when it comes to the décor of your event. Replace traditional seating at tables with hay-squares. Illuminate with lanterns. Consider centerpieces, invitations, and overall decor, that brings in traditional elements of summer, like sunflowers and blueberries.




By Theodora Kimmel


Four Creative Ways to Decorate with Balloons

When you think of the different kinds of parties you have been to in St. Louis (or even elsewhere), you may associate balloons with carnivals, clowns, and peewee birthday parties. You wouldn’t be wrong, but you would be missing out on what balloons can do for the more grown-up affairs. With the right design, placement, and color scheme, balloons bring elegance, charm and sophistication. Its true! Here are four creative ways to add a majestic air to your St. Louis Bar or Bat Miztvah, Sweet 16, or Wedding, with these festive, ethereal orbs.

  • For Sophistication, it is all about color. Stick with lighter, more pastel colors. Our brains register paler hues as calming, whereas brighter hues register as more exciting, but in the case of balloons, more carnival-like. This is especially true for pale pinks versus bright reds. The only exception to this may be blues, however. The brain sees most blues as calming, so if you opt for solely darker or more vivid blues, be aware that these tones can drag the mood down.  Here is a great way to work with colors for sophistication straight from our own gallery:

Party Wedding Bar Mitzvah Bat Mitzvah St. Louis Sweet 16 Balloon Design

  • For Charm, it is all about placement. Aside from placing balloons in clear lines of sight, like as table centerpieces, also consider putting them more subtle and suggestive in their placement (unless the balloons are small). Moreover, while common to place balloons as functional signposts of a party-location, balloons are even more charming as part of the surrounding décor. That way, their inherent roundness can soften, say the corners of a room as an example, making it more inviting and charming. Take a look at a way balloons can add charm to your event:

Party Wedding Bar Mitzvah Bat Mitzvah St. Louis Sweet 16 Balloon Design

  • For Elegance, it is all about the amount. Too many balloons, and the atmosphere may become too carnival-like and grand for elegance. Too few balloons, especially singular balloons, and the balloons can also lose their elegance by appearing drab. The idea is to keep the entire décor scheme balanced to achieve elegance. The best way to do this is to think of balloon decor as jewelry. The quintessential symbol of elegance is Audrey Hepburn’s pearl necklace. Just enough to get the point across, but without overpowering the entire look. This picture reflects the right kind of balance that will result in an elegant appeal


Party Wedding Bar Mitzvah Bat Mitzvah St. Louis Sweet 16 Balloon Design


  • For Majesty, it is all about location. This is different than the placement of the balloons; this is about the location of your affair. If your affair is indoors, first check to make sure the venue allows for balloons. This is especially true for rooms with high-ceilings, as they may not allow for balloons (this is often the case because a free-floating balloon at the top of the ceiling can become too extenuating of a responsibility and liability in regards to clean-up). Also, consider the impact balloons have indoors. The beauty of a balloon as suspended air can be become a bit stagnant in rooms with low-ceilings.  Here is a good example of how balloons bring majesty to your affair when the location of the affair is considered:


Party Wedding Bar Mitzvah Bat Mitzvah St. Louis Sweet 16 Balloon Design


Should You Reconsider the RVSP Card for Your Wedding?

With the advent of social media and emails, it has become easier and more common for people to use these methods for their wedding invitations. The same goes for the RSVP, even if someone received a paper invitation that included a mail-able RSVP card. But just like a cyber-based invite loses the charm, thoughtfulness, and delight of opening a real invitation, so does missing the opportunity to open the RSVPs. It just isn’t the same.

Take it from these frustrated Brides on WeddingWire. After spending so much time designing their invitations and intentionally including RSVPs (some with postage included) as a practical and special way to plan for the number of guests at their wedding (not to mention the seating arrangement) not getting those RSVPs back feels like full-frontal rudeness. The truth is, it kind of is, and the even harder truth is, it may not be that easy to get your guests to utilize the RSVP cards unless you essentially ONLY acknowledge the paper-based RSVPs. Policing people for the sake of your special day really seems counterintuitive and wholly unpleasant.

So, what should you do? It is a very real possibility with RSVP cards that you may not get them back, and they may end up seeming like a waste of time and energy. But hold on.  Think about what it would be like to NOT include RSVPs with your invitations. You could always have people email you and simply acquise to the ease of this form of communication. You could get more creative and create a special website or facebook page where people can leave their RSVPs. In both of these cases, however, you are left with hoping that everyone (including your great Aunt) has access to the Internet. Moreover, the Internet, no matter how social it appears to get, is a cold, cold place. People may not use the RSVP cards, but that absence does not speak nearly as loudly there being no real RSVP card to begin with.

Perhaps it is time for a mentality change, and to give people options, while also to honor the significance and true substance of your wedding. Keep the RSVP cards as part of your wedding invitation; for your own enjoyment; for the simple act of etiquette; for the hope that someone shall be moved to use it, and then add a twist. Make responding via the RSVP the fun option. Figure out an incentive to get them to use the RSVP card as opposed to anything else. Examples might be: coupons from the limo company you’re using (your transportation service might love the extra business and source of referrals), or the opportunity to participate in a private raffle (so as not to be rude to your guests who did not use the RSVP cards) for a free room upgrade (or one night on you) if your guests will be staying at a hotel.  The possibilities are endless! Keep the RSVP card as part of your wedding invitation concept and make them fun for your guests to use.